Saeco HD8775/48 Philips Minuto Focus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Features

  • Saeco's new dual pressure lever makes both espresso and coffee
  • New patented automatic milk frother for one touch froth
  • No more burnt coffee thanks to our 100% ceramic grinders, Fully automatic rinsing and de-scaling
  • Memo function thanks to an intuitive display interface
  • Adjustable grinder to play with the coffee richness, One click removable brewing group

Saeco HD8775/48 Philips Minuto Focus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Description

Experience a true bean-to-cup coffee experience with this innovative espresso machine from Saeco. Packing one-touch convenience into a compact, user-friendly package, the Saeco Focus brews delicious coffee and espresso sure to please even coffee connoisseurs. Thanks to the adjustable spout, coffee is delivered directly into the cup for splash-free brewing without excessive cooling. An integrated milk frother allows you to unleash your inner barista to make perfect cappuccino, macchiato and more, while the adjustable ceramic grinder provides consistent, even grounds for impeccable flavor extraction. Memo function allows you to adjust brewing time, water temperature and grind consistency so it’s easy to achieve a perfect cup every time. Manufacturer: Saeco. Model# HD8775-48. Material: ABS Plastic, stainless steel. Care: Follow all cleaning instructions. Brewing group removes for easy cleaning. Pump Pressure: 15 bar. Grinder Type: Ceramic Disc. Dimensions: 11.4″ x 19.7″ x 18.31″. Capacity: 1.8 L (water tank); 250 g. (coffee beans); 15 servings (dump box). Weight: 19.4 lbs.. Power – 1400 W, Voltage 120V. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in Romania. FEATURESBoiler heats quickly for coffee when you want it. Dual-pressure lever. One-touch beverage selection. Quiet ceramic grinder provide a consistent, even grind without overheating for rich, impeccable espresso without irregularities or burnt notes. 5 grind settings adjust from extra fine to coarse to bring out the best of your brew. Innovative memo function allows you to adjust the brewing length, strength and temperature for a cup that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences. Adjustable spout fits almost any cup and helps prevent splashing or excessive cooling during brewing. Brewing group removes with one click for easy cleaning. Traditional milk frother allows you to create delicious cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato and more. Auto-clean and descale functions help keep machine clean and operating at peak efficiency.

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